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If you want to communicate you have to be interactive.

Customized interactive training delivered in-person on or off-site.

  How is our performance?


Performance is your reality. 

Forget everything else.

- Harold Geneen

When I came to your classes I had no idea how different this would be from other sales training programs I have taken. You have taken the time and the initiative to know me and my business. You even studied my competition! Your ability to create a compelling selling point has defined me and streamlined my selling efforts. The time I have spent learning from you is more valuable than I can express. The classes have already paid for themselves.

DM, Business Consultant, Pittsburgh, PA

We had 126 people attend our recent meeting.  97% of attendees evaluated Melissa's presentation as excellent.   Melissa received the highest evaluation of any speaker we have ever had at a conference or monthly membership meeting.  We would love to have her come back in the future.  Thank you for making me look good.

Presentation Coordinator for Industry Association

60 days ago I had one major client. Today I have six. Your program has given me confidence to sell.

BN, Writer, Monroeville, PA

Sales have multiplied by more than nine times and it has only been three months.

JJ, Sales Rep, Pittsburgh, PA


Thank you for speaking at our MPI meeting.  You were awesome!  You were a huge success.

TS, National Sales Director for a Hotel Company /event coordinator MPI

Thank you so much! You were right on target! You hit the mark on everything. I loved it. You supercharged our team. What an eye-opener. We are going to hit our million dollar goal! Thank you.

SO, Sales Director, Pittsburgh, PA

I really enjoyed our (coaching) session yesterday. I learned a lot. I look forward to having you work with all of our people. I believe it will help our productivity to be able to communicate more effectively.

Manufacturing Company Owner

I have been through countless corporate sales programs. Through your training, I have become a better qualifier of clients. I have spent less time chasing people who are never going to buy and more time building relationships with the ones who will.

CK, Director of Fundraising,

Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you for the excellent presentation you gave to our association.  You are an eloquent and powerful speaker and a sterling representation of Toastmasters. 

Thank you for your thoughtful and meaningful interactions with our members and guests.  Your kindness and sincerity is readily apparent.


event chair



Thank you for speaking to our little networking group.  It was most kind of you to connect with us so early in the morning -- not my best time of day!  You were great and the ladies truly appreciate your advice.  Most are very new at networking and need to feel more comfortable with their commercials.  Your advice is excellent and easy to follow.  I for one will take your advice. 


Small business owner

President of chamber of commerce and coordinator of networking organization

I just wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for our team's coaching session.

It was very beneficial for us to take time away from our normal routine, evaluate our methods and messages and develop more effective solution to increase our business.  We have already implemented the new scripts and techniques you provided and they are proving to be successful!

I look forward to working with you again in the future! 


LT, Senior Director III, Direct Sales Company

Melissa, attending your classes was the best step I have taken to improve my business and achieve my goals.  After being in my company for one year, I was trained on product and company information.  In your classes,  I learned new communication skills.  I am now more confident.  I am more clear and professional in the way I express myself.  My networking has become more effective since I can now deliver a great elevator speech  and I am a more active listener.   Your classes are so beneficial whom ever is really serious about their business.  Thank you for being great at what you teach.

NI, Sales person

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with our student directors!  I know you have helped them to become better leaders by sharing your expertise and experience with them. 

Thank you again,


Director, non-profit organization dedicated to developing college student leaders

Thank you so much for all of your help.  Not just for this event but for everything.  You have made such a difference in my life, as well as my business.  My self confidence has improved as a result of taking your classes, and I am so grateful to you.  You are a gift to me.


small business owner

event coordinator

I wanted to thank you for presentation on Friday.  Your enthusiasm and facilitation skills shine when you are in the presence of others. 

I look forward to presenting together in the future.


coach and professional speaker.

Thank you for the business cards and direct mail post cards. Is there anything you can't do? I sent out the post cards 2 days ago. We have already had 5 responses. Amazing! I have never had results from campaign come so quickly. Thank you!

EC, Owner of Residential Cleaning and Organization Service

Just as an FYI Melissa was Extremely Professional, Knowledgeable, Team Oriented, Assertive, Personable. She did a fantastic job. When the event planners did not have the attendance they expected, she made it a point to make something out of nothing. She introduced herself to each person and made the presentation meaningful. It was a pleasure working with her the last two days.


AB, Fellow Presenter at Event,

(written to program manager)

I wanted to share with you our member response to your presentation yesterday. The 22 members present rated your presentation ay 8.8 out of 10. That is the highest score I have seen them rate any presenter. Congratulations. You really seam to connect with your audience. We would like to invite you back to speak in the future.

TR, Association Executive Director

In my association with Melissa, she has been an integral part of our team success. I have found her to be very organized and conscientious about her work. She is industrious and dedicated. Melissa's approach to her job can be characterized as truly professional.

ES, Owner of Executive Search Firm

Thanks for the help with this. I appreciate having someone to collaborate with on this kind of stuff. Some of the stuff that you did would have taken me much longer (if ever). It was worth hiring you.

LS, Technology Integration Company President


I just wanted to take a moment to "thank you" for presenting to our students.

The Seminar was an enormous success: most assuredly due to the professional and dedicated talent we were so fortunate to have leading the workshop.

The program evaluations have been tallied and from all indications, the attendees were very pleased with the event.  Attendees pointed out that you knew your subject matter and encouraged participation.  One attendee wrote "Excellent seminar. One of the best I have been to." We could not have presented this program with such success if it weren’t for the expertise of people like you assisting other professionals.

Again than you very much for your role in the seminar and I look forward to collaborating with you again in the future.

University Business Development Center, Training Manager


Various Program Attendee Comments

She is full of great ideas. Nice Intro Method. Made me feel comfortable with an uncomfortable topic.
She did a great job of setting up sessions for me because she new my needs were immediate. Melissa gave our members information they could use immediately. She has a contagious smile that lights up a room.
Outstanding Job. You are great to work with. Melissa brings such poise and grace to the position. Great presentation.
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